The Adult Child struggled with an embarrassing situation

My latest fun thing to do is to roam around the internet, looking for fun or interesting videos to watch. One of my favorite places to roam is Buzzfeed. I roamed one day and found myself watching a video they did on Microblading. Watch the video to understand what it is.
 Apparently Microblading is the latest beauty fad.  I personally do not like make up. I was an adult when i finally let my Mum shave off...err "shapen" my eyebrows or the sparsely hair filled area that should be my eyebrows. She did it once and I let several people keep doing it because i cannot stand my eyebrows during the eyebrow regrowth period. I wear makeup now because that's what adult women do. That's what my Mum told me sha. Although I'm still very worried that it makes me look like a child would if she was wearing makeup. 
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like this
 I've always loved the natural look, clear skin, a nice full set of eyebrows and eyelashes. No more pencils and filling in! Microblading seemed like it could help with that. 

I was roaming the other day,  Instagram this time. I happened upon a beauty salon where they do Microblading *squeal* I had already pictured myself assessing the results like the girl in Buzzfeed. I decided to give them a call to book an appointment.  They are located very close to my estate. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Hello?
Microbladers: Hello!  You just called our line so I called back.
Me: oh yes! I saw you guys on IG. Wanted to find out how much Microblading costs
Microbladers: sorry???
*i get this all the time, it's why i would rather send emails /texts but noooo Nigerian businesses (some) will never reply so I'm forced to endure the torture of phone calls*
Me: Microblading? How much is it???
Microbladers: 6k
Me: 6k?
Microbladers: no. 50k
Me: 50k??? As in 5...0???
Microbladers: Six! Six!  SIXTY K!
Me: oooh okay. How long does it stay on for?
Microbladers: well, it's supposed to last for 3 years but you will come for a refill... *i zoned out here. I went to my happy place. I'm very rich in my happy place*
Microbladers: hello? Are you there?
Me: yes. Okay. I just wanted to find out. Thank you.
Microbladers: so when are we expecting you?
Me: errr not now. I live very close so i can just walk in. Shey i can walk in or do i need to book an appointment?
Microbladers: well you can but you'll need to come early because... *zoning out* *1 million, nine hundred and seventy six thousand... 1 million,  nine hundred and seventy seven thousand... I'm counting millions in my happy place *
Me: yeah I'll come early. Thank you. Good bye
Microbladers: please what is your name?
I hung up and blocked their number.


Miriam David said...

loooool! The money has gotta chase us o! All these beautiful things we would have liked to do cannot just be passing us like that

The Adult Child said...

I know right? *sigh*

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