The Adult Child struggles with living with her parents

I was just a small "geh" the first time I tried to run away from home. My Mum had upset me again, for the umpteenth time. She went off on me for taking MY money out of MY piggy bank and spending it on McVitie's All Butter Shortbread biscuit. I was livid. Was it her own? What is her business if  i decided to use my money to buy myself  biscuit? After all I was balling. I could splurge that N150 naira on the buttery goodness that is McVitie's All Butter Shortbread biscuit.
yummy buttery goodness
 This was it! I was out of there! I saw my brother pull that stunt when I was much younger and I always thought...bad-ass. I had since been dying to re-enact the scene. I am twenty *coughs* years old and I am still planning that escape mehn. Every time I am asked to "fix the Dstv, it is not working" and I take the remote and press the power button, or when it's Saturday and I am trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and someone comes and commands me out of my dream to go and set the table or drive to the Super market to buy "special" whole wheat crackers.
I am driver, errand girl, judge and referee. The many jobs of the typical Nigerian child. If only I had known that I would still be in this predicament all those days when I could afford to eat McVitie's Shortbread often. The dream was to be somewhere other than my parent's house at this point in my life but the other day after thoroughly searching on,, jumia house and even typing "cheap flat with roommate to rent" into Google search, I discovered that I cannot afford to live in a BQ in Lagos...yet. I earn a salary o but I like take-out and Uber rides and and...etc. Maybe if i moved to Ibadan? Accommodation must be much cheaper there. I heard they still sell meat for N20.00 in their "bukas" and their Amala with Ewedu is fantastic. Until then, I guess I have to remain where I am and keep forcing myself to enjoy the free electricity, car, Dstv, food, WiFi(Smile and Swift). What a struggle!!!!!
I go where the Amala goes


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