Thursdays are for throwbacks

Today's throwback will feature those popular songs of the 2000's that you sang with all your heart but didn't understand the meaning. Maybe you didn't know the lyrics o, maybe the song was in a different language but when the song came on everyone was like:

and we sha didn't know what we were saying

So in no particular order, let's start with this popular number:

1) "Oye Mi Canto" N.O.R.E. ft Nina Sky, Gem Star, Daddy Yankee and Big Mato

You might be already yelling "Boriqua! Morena (I used to say "Borera") Dominicano! Colombiano! For some reason "Reggaeton" became popular in this part of the World for a bit in the 2000's and this was one of the popular songs from that genre. We would be belting out the lyrics as if we knew what "Boriqua" was. It means "Puerto Rican" by the way (yay Google!). At that time, I didn't care. This was my jam and i would mumble through all the Spanish bits and yell out that "Woah ooo" part.

Side note: Whatever happened to Nina Sky? They were so cute.

2.)  "Who let the dogs out?" Baha Men

This Grammy award winning number(Best Dance Recording) was very popular during the early 2000's. Even our parents knew the words to the chorus. At least my parents did. Now the song was recorded in English so we could understand the lyrics. However, did we know that the original writer of the song intended it to be a male bashing song? Here's how he explained it:

 It’s a man-bashing song.  I’ll tell you why.  The lyric of the song says, “The party was nice, the party was pumpin.’” When I said the word “party” I was being metaphorical.  It really means things were going great.
The “Yippie-Yi-Yo,” that’s everybody’s happy, right? “And everybody was having a ball.” Life was going great.

“Until the men start the name-callin’ / And then the girls respond to the call.”  So the men started calling the women “skank” and “skettel,” every dirty word you can think of.  The men started the name-calling and then the girls respond to the call.  And then a woman shouts out, “Who let the dogs out?” And we start calling men dogs.  It was really a man-bashing song.

There is another theory that the Baha Men were referring to ugly women in the party and that's who they were calling "dogs" sha. I know for sure that I had no idea about the real song meaning. I was just happy chanting "All doggie hold ya bone, all doggie hold it!"

You know, I read somewhere that the real lyrics are "Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!"(you know? like dogs barking) but it will always be "Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?" to me.

3.) "Gasolina" Daddy Yankee

Reggaeton is baaaack! So Daddy Yankee was to Reggaeton as Sean Paul was to Dance hall music. When you heard "A ella le gusta la gasolina!"(real lyrics)/"hey la le hutala gasolina!" (my version), you responded "Dame mas gasolina" (real lyrics)/ "Damy man gasolina!"(my version). I was not interested in the meaning of this song, I just wanted to turn up to that fast tempo part that was in my opinion the best part of the song.

Damy man gasolina!

4.)  "Like glue" Sean Paul

I miss the Sean Paul era so much. He gave us so many incomprehensible hits, had us in a dance hall frenzy. That Dutty Rock album was fire and he was sooooooo fine.

*love sigh*

 I'm picking "Like glue" for this list because it was the one I didn't understand the most. I didn't understand Jamaican patois and Sean Paul used a lot of it in this song. I mean what is the meaning of this? "just gimme di gal dem, now dem all a pressure mi cellular; seh a mi a di dappa dem waan fi be dem big poppa". It was just so catchy, you didn't care what he was saying, you just wanted to dutty whine. He always had some hot steppers in his videos too.

This was a jam and a half.

5)  "Premier Gaou" Magic System

This is arguably one of my favourite songs ever! The first time I ever danced at a party was to this song. Everyone was so surprised and impressed, they started spraying me o. I took home N5,000 that day. That amount of money was a big deal to a small child in those days. I will never forget. The song is sung in French. I took a few French lessons and learned the  meaning of the lyrics to the song. So the song is basically about this babe named "Antou" who was basically a "ho". She left him when the money left and resurfaced when he had a hot single on the airwaves. Typical "runs girl/thot/whatever they're called these days". My favourite part of the song is:

"J'ai dit chéri koko qu'est ce que tu veux manger"  He's asking her "my darling, wetin you wan chop?"
"Sans même hésiter Elle me dit poulet braisé"  She sharply said she would eat barbecued chicken. See her mouth
"J'ai dit chéri koko c'est poulet tu veux manger"  he's like ehen, na chicken you wan chop
"Poulet est trop petit ca peut pas te rassasier"  he's like chicken too small. dat wan no go reach you
"C'est caïman braisé, je vais te donne"  na barbecue caiman(some sort of reptile) naim i go give you
"Kedjenou d'éléphant o, tu vas manger"  is Kedjenou with Elephant that you will eat! Nonsense!! *Kedjenou is an Ivorian dish made with chicken and vegetables*

Antou was like:

Which songs did you make up your own lyrics to? Let me know in the comment box.
Sings in gibberish


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