7 confusing Nigerian things that need to be explained to The Adult Child

This stuff keeps me up at night. Not as much as finding a solution to world hunger or world peace but still a great deal.

1.) Saying "clocked"

When someone marks a birthday, why do we say he/she "clocked" a certain age? Are we making reference to Time and Attendance systems? Who started this thing please? I am very interested in learning what was going through his/her head.

2.) Doubling words 

Why do we say our words twice? I mean Nigerian words o e.g "mago mago", "kpoto kpoto", "yama yama". This phenomenon has crossed over into English words that we localize e.g "follow follow", "double double" "corner corner" "cunny cunny"...etc.

3.) The original lyrics to the "Mr. Macaroni" rhyme

I cannot accept "see see me ah bum bum" any longer. What are the real lyrics? So Mr. Macaroni just rode his bicycle to this babe's house and she was just laying marriage requirements anyhow? So what did "bum bum" have to do with it? Did she want to see his before saying yes? (this I can understand) or was she insisting that he needed to assess hers? How is this a children's song?

4.) Showers with a bucket and a bowl

Why do we say we are taking a shower when we have a bathtub, a bucket and a bowl (bailer lol!)? Who started the bowl and bucket system? Was it the missionaries?

5.) Saying "Come and go"

This is the most confusing one o. I feel like this when I hear it.
There is also "come and be going". That is equally as confusing.

6.) Saying "Chuk/Chook"

Used in a sentence: "Stop using that pin to chuk/chook your pimple." I am very interested in the etymology of this word. I need to have a discussion with the Uncle or Aunty who started this trend.

7.) Saying "Match" 

"Match" as in "Use your leg and match the ant very well! Match it!" Why "Match"? If anything, I would understand "March" better and pick it over "Match" as better matched word for the action. You march with your feet at least.



Anonymous said...

Lmao. All so true, especially the Mr macaroni it just occurred to me.

The Adult Child said...

To think we sang this song with all our hearts. Smh.

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